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About Us - History of the Garden Centre

Below shows a timeline of how our family garden centre has grown over the years

1950's - The Begening.webp

1950's - The Beginning

Frank Dallimore purchased the land on which the garden centre is now built.

1960's - The Growing Starts

Father and Son (Frank and Colin Dallimore) started to grow a large selection of vegetables, which initially they sold form their garage. Then later they built a small shop in which to sell their produce.

1960's - The Growing Starts.webp
1970's - Mark Arrives.webp

1970's - Mark Arrives

Mark arrived and is still working with us today! 40 years next year…

1980's - Changes

As the sales of vegetables decreased (due to supermarkets) Free range chickens were introduced, and started to grow some of the first bedding plants, which then changed into a nursery.

1980's - Changes.webp
2016 - New Shop & Coffee Shop.webp

2016 - New Shop & Coffee Shop

In 2016 the new shop & coffee shop was built which is our current building today.

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